Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain Extension 3 ft

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Beautifully handcrafted 3 ft. copper cascading leaves extension is our summer 2014 introduction to increase the length of your rain chain in case a standard gutter length of 8.5 ft. is not enough.

A beautiful and distinct assembly of ….pure copper leaves on heavy gauge copper rings to efficiently transport rain water from your downspout.

Quick and easy assembly process which takes no more than a few minutes to create a spectacular vision very pleasing to the senses and adding a vision of tranquility to your home space.

The cascading leaves extension can also be used as a delightful tree ornament to compliment your decorative gutter downspout.

Pure copper leaves assembly on rings develops a lovely brown patina on the surface which enhances the beauty of the rain chain and since it is made of copper, an eco friendly material, it lasts a lifetime

3 ft. extension includes copper “S” hook for easy assembly

Item # : 110006EXT
Size & Specifications:
    Length: 3 feet
    Cascading leaves Size: (L) 1.6 (W) x 2.9
    18 Links (each with 2 Leaves)
    Material: Pure copper
    Finish: Natural Copper

Sheet Thickness : 23 gauge
Material : Copper
Finish : Natural Copper Finish

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