Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Rain Chain - 8.5 ft

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Rain Chains World has introduced just in time for the holidays a breathtakingly exquisite pure copper cascading leaves rain chains which looks like a piece of art yet takes care of the function of transporting water from the downspout. The rain water runs down the downspout and at first it fills into the top cup and then runs down the length of the medley of copper leaves which are individually etched. This movement of water creates a beautiful melodious sound which is extremely pleasing to the ears.

The cascading leaves rain chain has drawn inspiration from natures plant life and watching the transportation of water from leaf to leaf is an exquisite visual. There is some splashing associated with this style....but the beauty of this rain chain far over weights the perfect function.

Technical Specification:
Item # : 110006
UPC : 633402110062

* Specification of copper cascading leaves link;
- Length x Width x Height : 1.6 (inches) x 1.45 (inches) x 3.9 (inches)

* Over all specification of copper cascading leaves rain chain
- Length x Width x Height : 1.6 (inches) x 1.6 (inches) x 102 (inches) Including Triangular Hanger
- Links: 46 Links (each with 2 Leaves)

- Sheet thickness: 23 gauge
- Wire thickness: 10 & 12 gauge
- Material : Copper
- Finish : Natural copper

Installation Instructions:  Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

Disclaimer: Link Style Rain Chains do not contain all the rain water and may result in water splashing. Do not use in an area where there could be potential water damage to structure due to accumulation of water.

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