Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install Rain Chains without Gutters?

Yes. Rain chains can be used without gutters in place. However, they do function best when attached to a rain gutter. This allows a greater amount of water to flow in a more concentrated manner down into the chain. In instances where a gutter is absent, we recommend your rain chain be installed with proper support.

Do I need Special Equipment for the Installation?

No, if you need to install rain chains, all of products are designed to fit easily into a standard gutter hole. Each rain chain comes equipped with a triangular gutter clip or “hook” that is easily attached to your gutter. No additional hardware or tools are necessary.

Installation of lengths that are  longer than the standard 8.5 feet will greatly benefit from a gutter reducer/ adaptor. A gutter reducer provides better support for the extra weight and also provides a seamless way of transporting the water flow from your gutter down into the chain. Installation guides are included to help support the installation process.

Are Your Rain Chains Made of Real Copper?

Yes,we manufacture all of our copper products with 100% pure heavy gauge copper. Our decorative rain chains are not treated with chemicals so they will naturally develop a brown/rustic patina finish when they oxidize. They are environmentally friendly products.and prefer our products over plastic downspouts.

I need a downspout longer than the standard 8.5 foot length. How can I make it longer?

We have a selection of 3 foot extension pieces for select styles. If the extension piece you are interested in is not available, you have the option of combining two rain chains together to modify your rain chain to the desired length. Be sure to secure the rain chain from your gutter to support the extra weight. Using a gutter reducer will be most helpful to secure your rain chain.

Do Rain Chains Need to be Taken Down During Winter?

No, they can manage just fine in cold/icy conditions. Snow fall adds an attractive touch, creating unique ice formations on the rain chain. It is however, necessary to caution about the extra weight of the rain chain as a result of the ice buildup. It is recommended to use a gutter reducer to support the extra weight and use a good contractor who understands the application.

Where should the rain water from the rain chain drain into?

While aesthetically pleasing, our rain chains function no differently from a standard rain downspouts. They transport the rain water down into the ground. Many have utilized basins, barrels, ground receptacles filled with rocks, and gardens as a way to receive the rain water and re-use.

How much rain can a rain chain handle, and what type should I get?

We recommend selecting a link style in case you want to enjoy the complete water visual, but in areas of heavy rain pick a large or x-large cup to effectively transport most of the rain water. There is always some splashing associated with rain chains.

Does a rain chain work in areas of heavy snow?

This concern was brought to our attention recently given near-record snow fall in the east coast this year. If necessary precautions are taken, not only can our rain chain handle heavy snow fall, but the after affects are definitely a magnificent sight. We highly encourage customers to strengthen their gutters prior to installation to handle the excess weight, and that should address the issue. We must say that once the snow and/or rain water freezes overnight, it appears like a beautiful visual.

Should the end of a rain chain be anchored?

We recommend that all down spouts be anchored, especially in areas which experience strong (seasonal) winds. A Rain chain could be anchored to our pure copper anchoring basin which needs to be weighed down or staked to the ground.

How much rain can a rain chain handle, and what type should I get?

We recommend selecting a link style in case you want to enjoy the complete water visual, but in areas of heavy rain pick a large or x-large cup to effectively transport most of the rain water. There is always some splashing,but that is perfectly normal.

Why Copper ?

The main reason is that copper is environmentally safe.  What makes any product a truly environmentally safe product begins with the nature of the material used in the making of the product.

Do you offer wholesale discounts?

Yes. For large case volume, we provide discounts. Simply contact us and we will provide you with a quote.

Will I receive tracking information once my order is shipped?

Yes. Once your order has been shipped, you will be notified by email with the tracking details of your shipment by the end of the business day. Orders received by 1 pm PST are shipped out the same day.

Do you offer International Shipping?

Yes, we gladly ship both locally and internationally and we pass along our discounted shipping prices to the customers who reach out to us via email or telephone. International shipping costs are based on volume and weight and the zip code, so contact us and we will respond back within 24 hours with an accurate shipping cost. For more information, please refer to our shipping page.

Return and Exchange Policy

We take back returns of unused product within 30 days and charge a 10% restocking fee. However if within these 30 days or purchase you change your mind and would like to exchange your unused rain chain for another style, we will waive the restocking fee. You will have to ship the original order back to us at your own cost via USPS or Fedex in the original packing.  For more information, refer to our 

If you have any questoins that were not answered on this page, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.