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Rain Chain Accessories

Copper cascading butterflies on rings rain chain – 8.5 ft is an exquisite piece of functional art developed by assembling 1 sundrop cup and 19 pairs of cascading butterflies on oval ring links (each pair consists 2 butterflies cascading on an oval ring and a set of three connector rings).

A copper rain chain with 38 pure copper etched butterflies creates a wondrous vision for the true connoisseur of beauty when rain water runs down from the downspout over the entire 8 ft length of rainchain. This strikingly beautiful rainchain draws inspiration from nature where each butterfly is hand etched and strung from heavy gauge links to efficiently move rain water from the gutters to the ground level.

What better time to upgrade your gutters than now when you have such exotic options of rain chains to pick from? The Cascading butterfly rainchain will definitely bring nature and style into your home when it is installed...

Technical Specification:
* Item number : 120026
* UPC : 633402120269
* What is included;
- 1 triangular hanger of size 5 inches
- 1 sundrop cup of size 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 (inches)
- 19 cascading butterfly pairs

* Specification of copper cascading butterflies on oval ring link
- Length x Width x Height: 2.85 (inches) x 2.85 (inches) x 5.125 (inches)
- Butterfly size in inches: 2.85 x 2
- Connector ring size: diameter 1 inch

* Over all specification of copper cascading butterfly rain chain
- Length x Width x Height: 2.85 (inches) x 2.85 (inches) x 102 (inches)
- Number of cups per chain: 1 cup
- Number of butterfly: 38 pieces
- Number of connector ring: 54+1 = 55 pieces

- Wire thickness: 10 gauge
- Sheet thickness: 23 gauge
- Material : Copper
- Finish : Natural copper

Installation Instructions:  Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

Standard length is 8.5 ft - including 5 inch triangular hanger for easy Installation. rain chain Installation instructions included with every product.

Over time copper will oxidize and forms a thin layer of patina on the surface which not only adds character to the rainchain but is also a visual delight.

In windy area we strongly recommend you secure the end of your rainchains to the ground.

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