Pure Copper Lily Rain Chain - 8.5 ft

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* Dainty and appealing medium lily rain chain, 24 cups assembled together with triangular links to form a 8.5 ft length rain chain inclusive of the 5” triangular gutter clip
* It is pleasurable to watch the cascading rain water as it travels down the length of this pure copper rain chain.
* The lily cup rain chain style allows for rain water splashing as most of the rain water cannot be contained within the cups.
* The lily rain chain is definitely a show stopper and appeals to even the most discerning home buyer.
* Over a period of time the copper develops a beautiful brown finish on the surface which adds to the beauty of the rain chain
* We offer a 3 ft extension of the Lily rain chain in case you need a longer length for your home.

Item # : MI3000
UPC : 633402265052

* Specification of copper lily cup
Length x Width x Height : 3.25 (inches) x 3.25 (inch) x 2.75 (inches)

* Over all specification of copper lily rain chain
Length x Width x Height: 3.25 (inches) x 3.25 (inches) x 102 (inches)
Number of cups per chain : 24 cups  

Sheet thickness : 23 gauge
Material : Copper
Finish : Natural copper

Over time copper when it comes in contact with air oxidizes and forms a thin layer of patina on the surface which is a visual delight and adds character to the rain chain

In areas of snowfall we recommend strengthening your gutter to handle the extra weight with our © gutter adaptor kit and also addition of melt wire.

In windy area we strongly recommend you secure the end of your rain chain to the ground.

There will be some splashing associated with any rain chain…which adds to the beauty as rain water cascades down the length of the rain chain.

Standard length of Rain Chain 8.5 ft - including 5 inch Triangular Hanger for Easy Installation.  Installation instructions included with every rain chain.

Installation Instructions: Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

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