Pure Copper Tulip Rain Chain - 27 Cups - 8.5 ft

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* Elegant and functional , our medium cup,  pure copper tulip rain chains is a functional assembly of 27 medium cups .
* Each cup unfurls to capture most of the rain water and transports it efficiently to the next cup and so on till it reaches the end of the 8 ft length
* The classic shape tulip cup is made of heavy gauge copper and the cups are connected with triangular links
* The splashing sound of rain water as it cascades down the length of the rain chain is almost melodious.
* The copper tulip rain chain develops a beautiful patina over the surface which enhances its appeal.
* 8.5 ft length rain chain inclusive of 5” triangular gutter clip for easy installation.
* We offer a 3 ft extension in the tulip style in case you need a longer length.

Item # : 255305
UPC : 633402266011
Sheet Thickness : 22 gauge
Material : Copper
Finish : Natural Copper Finish

Standard length of Rain Chain 8.5 ft - including 5 inch Triangular Hanger for Easy Installation. 

Installation Instructions: Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

In areas of snowfall we recommend strengthening your gutter to handle the extra weight with our © gutter adaptor kit and also addition of melt wire.

In windy areas we strongly recommend you secure the end of your rain chain to the ground.

There will be some splashing associated with any rain chain…which adds to the beauty as rain water cascades down the length of the rain chain.

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