Pure Copper Ring Rain Chain - 8.5 ft

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Bring beauty and elegance to your downspout.

Reduce water wastage and reuse water

Enjoy the beauty of flowing water

* Pure thick quality copper rain chain.
* Classic ring design.
* Aesthetically pleasing and melodious to the ear when water runs down  the length.
* Develops a patina over time which is appealing.

Technical Specification:
Item number : 238505
UPC : 633402238056

Copper ring link : Diameter x Height : Ø 2 (inches) x 2 (inches)

Over all specification of copper ring rain chain
- Length x Width x Height : 2 (inches) x 2 (inches) x 102 (inches)
- Number of links per chain : 57 links
- Wire Thickness : 9 gauge
- Material : Copper
- Finish : Natural copper

Installation Instructions: Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

In windy area we strongly recommend you secure the end of your rain chain to the ground.

Disclaimer: Link Style Rain Chains do not contain all the rain water and may result in water splashing. Do not use in an area where there could be potential water damage to structure due to accumulation of water.

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