Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin -Dia 18 inches

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Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin Dia. 18 inches * Depth 3 inches

Crafted of rich pure copper metal this basin has more to offer than classical or conventional basins. Our eye-catching, functional Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin comes with solid brass loop and adjustable copper link chain, a beautiful way to easily anchor and secure the bottom end of your rain chain.

Beautiful innovative way of collecting rain water runoff

Make the rain chain and basin a focal point by adding stones and pebbles. This beautiful hand hammered copper basins last a lifetime and acquire a beautiful verdigris finish over time, which further enhances the beauty of copper.

"basin should sit firmly on the ground or on bedrock"  Anchoring basin needs to be weighed down with sturdy smooth rocks 

Product Features:
This universal half round bowl shape functional and decorative basin with elegant hand hammered texture, has a center dome of size Dia 5 inches * Depth 1/2 inch with a hole of size Dia 3/8 inch. Overall Dimension Dia 18 inches  * Depth 3 inches.
Each Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin comes equipped with
     A  Solid Brass loop
     B  Pure Copper Adjustable Link Chain (Length 12 inches)
     C  Brass nut
     D  Hardware Accessories
     ----a.    2 pcs of Metal washer
     ----b.    2 pcs of Nylon washer

Installation Instructions: Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

Dome Shaped center: The hand hammered dome shaped center not only acts as a splash block for rainwater falling from rain chain but also helps in an easy leak proof assembly.

Pure Copper Adjustable Link Chain and Solid Brass Loop acts as a connector between copper basin and rain chain.

Hardware Accessories for perfect leak proof assembly

Made of pure thick copper, our Anchoring basin not only adds grace but also secures the bottom end of rain chain.

Round bowl shape design to collect maximum rainwater runoff.

Easy to assemble design:  Just slide solid brass loop into copper basin hole and screw it from bottom Simple traditional nut and bolt assembly design.
How to assemble Rain Chain with Anchoring Basin: Basin works best when the last link is loosely assembled Simply select length of adjustable copper link chain, twist the link and assembly it with bottom connector of Rain Chain. Please refer our Installation section for Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions.
We recommend the usage of Smooth Stones and Pebbles: Equally spread Smooth Stones and Pebbles in the basin to enhance the beauty of rain water collection.

Multipurpose Utilization:

Beautiful compliment to your home design and garden decor

Copper accent like Anchoring Basin
Compliments the appearance of your rain chains and are used for collecting rainwater.

Can kept in Front Porch or Deck or Entry Hall with beautiful flowers and tea-light like shown in our vintage images to give Majestic Warm Welcome to your guests

Add stones / pebbles or plant it with ground covers.

Can add a delightful enhancement when used with a drain hole or catch basin - just leave the center hole of Anchoring basin open or simply loosen the assembly.

ITem# : 290026
UPC : 633402290269
Sheet Thickness : 23 gauge

* * * Please beware of imitations with functional limitations - With our new patent Anchoring Basin design we intend to taken care of important concerns, like broken welded loop or poor assembly resulting in water leakage. In our Anchoring Basin design the loop is properly screwed with basin and if simple assembly instructions are followed, product can be made leak proof.

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