Pure Copper Hammered Basin - 21 inches

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An classical contemporary design 21” Hammered Basin draws inspiration from authentic hammered craft and is done by skilled artisans with surprising precision.
Crafted of rich pure copper metal … accent like these basins are a “Beautiful compliment to your home design and garden décor”.

Product Specification
Item # : BASIN21
UPC : 633402250706
Basin Length * Width * Height : Ø 21” * Ø 21” * 4.5”
Basin Top Diameter : Ø 19”
Basin Base Diameter : Ø 8”
Basin Sheet Gauge : 22 gauge
Material : Pure Copper
Finish : Natural Copper with clear lacquer

Rain Chains World urges you to ... Support rainwater harvesting and protect your environment ... collect rainwater runoff in a large basin for reuse ... which is today’s  “Green revolution mantra”.

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