What are Rain Chains for Gutter Downspouts?

Over the years, rain chain downspouts have significantly gained much attention and popularity among homeowners as more retailers make them widely available through the many distribution channels in existence today. All across the globe, homeowners are catching on to this ingenious and effective alternative to regular plastic downspouts. Rain Chains World has a variety of rain chain downspouts and you will definitely find the one which is most appealing. As homeowners become aware of the importance of upgrading their landscape and home exterior to boost its value, many are choosing to adopt a rain chain way of life into their home. Rain chains downspouts are a decorative alternative to standard downspouts. In addition to the visual beauty it adds to your home, it provides you with the occasion of melodious listening to the water cascade down.

Rain Chain Origins

Rain chains for downspouts are not a western concept. The concept originated in Japan hundreds of years ago. They were used in temples and tall buildings to capture rain fall and the rain water was further transported to the ground through these cups and links for re-use. This ancient concept has not been lost, as many are opting to utilize this unconventional approach to managing rain fall and storing rain water. The use of catch basins, troughs and barrels is gaining support from rain chain owners, as many are opting to collect the water for household use. With a special emphasis on preserving the environment and supporting eco-friendly products, a rain chain purchase is a great way to help and do our part in sustaining the environment. As global threats to the environment persist, rain chains for downspout allows each one of us to help give back and preserve our land.

Conserve Water with Rain Chains

Rain chain downspouts naturally encourage the re-use of rain water. Based on its function and the unique manner in which the rain water travels down, it logically promotes water salvaging. As the water cascades down like a running water fall, it allows us to appreciate the water is a precious resource that should be cared for and re-used instead of it letting it disperse and waste. As many states in the U.S. face severe droughts, now more than ever sustaining our water reserves is crucial and we encourage the installation of rain chain downspouts vs. the earlier man made plastic downspouts.

With the function, beauty and pro-environmental friendly measures it promotes, rain chains are quickly becoming the preferred choice in gutter alternatives among homeowners today. We hope you feel confident in all the positive features our copper rain chain downspout has to offer as you browse our extensive selection of rain chains, accessories, and extensions. ​