Rain Chain Installation Instructions

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Rain chains can be easily installed into pre-existing rain gutters.

RainChainsWorld has a unique collection of pure copper rain chains for your home, which come equipped with a gutter attachment piece called “triangular hanger”. This hanger is designed to sit in the rain gutter over the drain hole where the downspout was and helps direct the flow of water into the rain chains.

Rain Chains Installation Instructions:

  1. Option 1  Anchoring Your Rain Chain (Highly Recommended)
  2. Option 2 Slide and Install (Quick Install Option)


Rain Chains Extensions Installation Instructions (PDF) : 

  1. Rain Chain Extension Installation Instruction
  2. Fixed link Rain Chain Extension Installation Instruction

Rain Chains Accessories InstallationInstructions (PDF):

  1. Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin -Dia 15 inches
  2. Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin -Dia 18 inches 


Rain Chains Presentation in PPT


Additional Installation Resources

We want to make the installation as easy as possible, so we have compiled a list of website with some details on how to install a rain chain.

HGTV Gardens has an article on how to install a rain chain. It shows how to install a rain chain where a down spout didn’t already exist.  They use a planter as a rain barrel with a plant to merge the rain chain with existing landscape. Very nice article with great ideas.  I’m not sure if a beginner can do this, but it’s worth a look.

Home Depot has an article titled “Install a Rain Chain“.  They have some decent installation instructions as well as some tips and tricks on using rain chains.

Here is a great video on installing a rain chain and into a french drain to effectively get water away from the foundation of your home.

eHow.com wrote a Rain Chain Cup Instructions article.  It has decent instructions, but not a lot of pictures.  I’ve included this page, because it might help our customers.   I did contact them to let them know that the page would be a lot better with step by step instructions.