Aluminum Rain Chain - Cube Style Flat Black - 8.5 ft

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This Aluminum rain chain is stylish and elegant in shape and design. The cube pair is in harmony as the large cube fits effortlessly over the smaller one to capture most of the rain water and transport it down the 8.5 ft length of rain chain.

Each black cube pair is attached to the next one with a triangle connector all there are 17 cube pairs. The aluminum cube cups are powder coated with a flat black coat giving it a handsome appeal. The rian chain installation is simple since it comes equipped with a 5 (inches) triangular gutter adaptor (triangular hanger) for easy and quick installation (Installation instruction included with every item).

The cascading rain water creates a sense of tranquility as it runs down the length of this rainchain. We highly recommend installing this aluminum multi cube or aluminum square rain chain with an aluminum gutter adaptor. This multi cube rainchain creates a beautiful water feature when a powder coated 14.5 (inches) hammer basin with copper band is place below it - Now sit back and enjoy the visual.

Item # : 120027
UPC : 633402120276

Specification of aluminum cube pair;
- Length x Width x Height: 2 (inches) x 2 (inches) x 3.6 (inches)
- Sheet thickness : 18 gauge (1.22 mm)

Over all specification of product;
- Length x Width x Height: 2 (inches) x 2 (inches) x 102 (inches)
- Number of cube pairs per chain : 17 cube pairs
- Wire thickness: 9 gauge (3.66 mm)
- Material: Aluminum
- Finish: Flat Black Powder Coated

Installation Instructions:  Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

In windy areas we strongly recommend you secure the end of your rain chains to the ground.

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