Copper Cascading Butterflies Wind Chime

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Pure Cascading Butterflies Wind Chime 42" *24"

Absorb more of the beauty and splendor that our natural world has to offer with our Pure Copper Cascading Butterfly wind Chimes.  Made of pure natural  unfinished copper, these luminous and finely crafted butterfly embossed figures are loosely draped and fastened together to create a Captivating and eyecatching display in your home’s outdoor space.

The quality of the copper will naturally mature and age over time, developing a beautiful patina coating on the surface which enhances the appeal of this artful piece.

The dimensions of this wind Chime are 42 X 24 and it is pre-assembled and ready to display with a classic black metal chain hanger strung with heavy black powder coated rings from a curved iron rod.

Technical Specification:
* Part number / Item number: 130003

* UPC : 633402130039

* What is included:
- 8 lengths of Large and Small Copper Butterflies
- 1 Hanging Rods Black Powder Coated  24" Wide and 2/8" Thickness
- Hanging Chain Black Powder Coated in MS

* Specification of Copper Butterflies
 - Size: Large Butterfly -  3" x 2" / Small Butterfly - 2.25  * 1.5" 
 - No of lengths = 8
 - No of Butterflies = 94
- Material : Copper

* Specification of Hanging Rod
- 1 Rod  - both ends with round balls
- Length of Rod - 24"
- Thickness of Rod 2/8" 
- Finish Black Powder Coated
- Material : MS

* Specification of Chain
- Finish Black Powder Coated
- Material : MS

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