Copper Rain Chain - Juno Style - 8.5 ft

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Rain Chains World introduces an elegantly styled pure copper rain chain cup with spiral embossing on each cup making it a piece of art in itself since each cup is hand worked upon.  A multitude of these cups, 17 in number when combined together efficiently act as downspout and transport water from the gutter to the drain with a beautiful melodious sound which is immensely pleasing to the ears.

The Juno rain chain is a perfect eco friendly fit for any home, so indulge in yourself with this piece of functional art in your home.  Each cup measures 2.1 (inches) X 3.2 (inches) and comes equipped with a triangular gutter installation clip. Rain chain installation instructions are included.

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Specification of copper juno cup
Length x Width x Height: 2.1 (inches) x 2.1 (inches) x 3.2 (inches)

Over all specification of copper juno rain chain
Length x Width x Height: 2.1 (inches) x 2.1 (inches) x 102 (inches)
Number of cups per chain : 17 cups

Sheet thickness : 22 gauge
Material : Copper
Finish : Natural copper

Standard length of Rain Chain 8.5 ft - including 5 inch Triangular Hanger for Easy Installation. Installation instructions included with every rain chain.

Over time copper when it comes in contact with air oxidizes and forms a thin layer of patina (beautiful rich green verdigris) on the surface which is a visual delight and adds character to the rain chain.

In areas of snowfall we recommend strengthening your gutter to handle the extra weight with our © gutter adaptor kit and also addition of melt wire.

In windy areas we strongly recommend you secure the end of your rain chain to the ground.

Installation Instructions:  Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

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