Copper Hammer Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

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3ft Rain chain Extension:
Gutter Reducer:
Anchoring Basin 18" :
8.5 ft Rain Chain:


Rain Chains World * Super Saver Bundle Deal *: Copper Hammered Cup Rain Chain -8.5 ft is bundled with 18 inches Copper Anchoring Basin, 3 ft Copper Hammered Rain Chain Extension and Copper Gutter Reducer (Adaptor)

* Part number / Item number : B110016
* UPC : 633402110161

What is included:
Package / Bundle detail contains one piece each of following items:

1. Pure Copper Hammered Cup Rain Chain (Size 8.5 ft), Item # 265058: One of Our popular most copper rain chains ... hand hammered to provide a unique look. A copyright hybrid contemporary design developed with a sequence of 15 elegant hand hammered copper cups and 14 copper double ring links.
2. Pure Copper Hammered Cup Rain Chain Extension (Size 3 ft), Item # 265058 EXT: Easy to assemble 3 ft Hammered Cup Rain Chain Extension an excellent way to lengthen your standard 8.5 ft Hammered Cup Rain Chain … while maintaining continuity its customized assembly design on Do It Yourself concept provides an exquisite piece of art “Additional Longevity with Strength”

3. Pure Copper Hammered Anchoring Basin (Dia 18 inches * Depth 3 inches) Item# 290026: Crafted of rich pure copper metal this basin not only complements and accentuates the appearance of rain chain but is also a beautiful way to easily anchor and secure the bottom end of your rain chain
Eye-catching, half round bowl shape functional and decorative basin with elegant hand hammered texture, has a center dome of size Dia 5 inches * Depth 1/2 inches with a hole of size Dia 3/8 inch … comes with solid brass loop and adjustable copper link chain.

4. Pure Copper Gutter Reducer (Adaptor): Our most popular easy to install reducer (adaptor) that sits in the rain gutter drain hole and provides a perfect assembly between the gutter and the rain chain.

5. Free Accessories:
• Triangle Hanger; is used for mounting the rain chain in place of downspout
• Bottom Connector (Clip); Helps in increasing the length of rain chain, should you need a longer piece. Hook and securing the bottom of the rain chain to the ground.

rain chain Installation Instructions are included with each set … for more details you can also visit

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Rain Chain 8.5' Copper Rain Chain
Extensions 3' Rain Chain Extension
Basin 18" Copper Anchoring Basin

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