Copper Umbrella Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

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Copper Anchoring Basin 18" :
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Rain Chain 8.5 ft. :
Rain chain Extension 3 ft. :

Pure Copper Umbrella Rain Chain Bundle Deal

The copper Umbrella Bundle deal is offered as an amazing summer special deal that saves you extra $$ while you gain a satisfying eco-friendly bundle consisting of an 8.5 foot copper Umbrella rain chain, 3 foot umbrella copper extension piece, 18” copper hammered anchoring basin and a copper gutter adaptor. Collectively, all four pieces work in unison to bring you a new way of outfitting your current gutters in favor of an efficient and architectural method of handling your downspout requirements.

The umbrella bundle performs the same function as a regular plastic downspout, and is equipped with all the right pieces required to enhance and upgrade your gutters to a more pleasurable sight but also giving your home a decorative appeal that greatly enhances your landscape and flatters your home.

Part number / Item number : B255042
UPC : 633402250423

What is Included:

1.   Umbrella Rain chain- Is made of 100 % pure copper arranged in a sequence of cups extending 8.5 ft. beginning with a copper triangular gutter clip that is used by placing it in the existing gutter hole. This allows the rain chain to easily replace the plastic downspout . The pure heavy 23 gauge copper quality is evident  through  the entire length of rain chain.  This flared scalloped cups with etching are connected together with thick copper links that have special flattened ends at the point they exit from the cup. This helps ensure the cups handle a heavy downpour and do not fall apart when snow formations occur in the winter.
Each rain chain is a functional assembly of 17 large cups, measuring 2.25”x 4”diameter. This size of cup classifies it in the large category

2.   Umbrella 3 foot extension- Extensions are use to make the length of the rain chain longer in case standard lengths are not enough. The extension piece consists of 6 copper umbrella cups made of a 23 gauge copper sheet. The extension includes a hook that is used to fasten it to the end of the Umbrella rain chain.

3.   18” copper anchoring basin ©- A functional elegant pure copper basin complete with a chain link and hardware included that is used to connect the rain chain to this basin. This creates an anchoring feature that is beneficial for areas that are accustomed to extreme weather and high winds in their respective seasons but it’s primary function is to create a eye catching visual.  The piece de resistance is the hand hammering which is almost uniform through out the basin.

4.   Gutter adaptor- Is an accessory that is beneficial for gutter drain holes that are larger than the standard gutter hole. In addition, it is a safe way of securing your rain chain in place and provides a seamless way of allowing water to be securely transported into your rain chain with minimal splashing. The top hole diameter measures 2.5 inches and it has a flared lip so it easily fits into the gutter and the bottom outlet measures 2 inches.

Free Accessories:
•    Triangle Hanger; is used for mounting the rain chain in place of downspout
•    Bottom Connector (Clip); Helps in increasing the length of rain chain, should you need a longer piece. Hook and securing the bottom of the rain chain to the ground.

Apart from the great value present in the pure copper Umbrella bundle , you are helping provide a cleaner environment for everyone by using pure natural copper. This feature makes the products used eco-friendly and abiding all environmental ordinances in reducing carbon footprints and hazardous materials in goods produced. Feel good in helping contribute to a safer eco- friendly world.

Installation Instructions are included with each set … for more details you can also visit

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