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Rain chain Extension 3 ft.:
Rain Chain 8.5 ft.:
Copper Anchoring Basin 18":
Copper Gutter Reducer:

The Cascading leaves rain chain is a one of a kind rain chain, detailing charming cut-out leaves adding a unique depth to its overall design.  The standard 8.5 ft. rain chain is functional all on its own but in case you need the extra length  the Cascading bundle deal is perfect for you.

 • Part number / Item number : B110006
 • UPC : 633402110062
 • Sheet thickness: 23 gauge

1. Cascading leaves rain chain 8.5 ft. length
2. 3 ft. extension piece to attach on for the extra length
3. 18” copper anchoring hammered basin
4. Copper gutter adaptor © for a seamless installation

Take advantage of the fantastic savings offered with the cascading leaves rain chain bundle.  A rain chain possesses many features that easily charms and influences many to forgo their traditional plastic downspouts in favor of a decorative rain gutter chain. The open structural design of the cascading leaves rain chain which is a link style rain chain allows you to appreciate the beautiful visual. Watching the rain fall cascade down versus being hidden in a pipe is a novel concept to many and is fascinating to view. One such rain chain that vividly captures and prods the imagination of many is the Cascading leaves copper rain chain. The pure copper etched leaves dangle vertically and intermingle with the rain fall, it produces a unique visualization and waterfall like sounds

It is understandable that some custom home foundations need a longer length chain . The 3 ft. extension piece offers you the option to extend the length. The addition of the hammered basin, a functional artistic accessory perfectly compliments the rain chain. The cascading leaves bundle is perfect for the front of your home where it provides a perfect visual and adds to the ambience. The rain water flowing down the length of the rain chain can be collected into the anchoring copper basin to complete the breathtaking visual.
This pairing creates a unique water feature in your home.

The addition of the basin can be equally important in creating a soothing and relaxing environment. Getting creative can be challenging for some but in most cases, it proves thrilling for many. Many basins are usually filled with river rocks to give it a more earthy tone.  Asian inspired gardens and landscapes use rocks to generate this experience. Others like to place their basins around rocks and green foliage to create a serene and organic environment.

With a Copper Cascading bundle deal, you get a complete set to give your home a serene and natural environment for you to enjoy. It provides a great way to invest in your homes landscape without going over your budget.  All 4 pcs of the cascading leaves bundle deal are made of pure copper which lasts a lifetime and is a reliable and unfailing investment for your home.

Free Accessories:
 • Trianglular Hanger; is used for mounting the rain chain in place of downspout
 • 3 ft. extension includes copper “S” hook for easy assembly

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Rain Chain Rain Chain 8.5 ft.
Extensions Rain chain Extension 3 ft.
Basin Copper Anchoring Basin 18"

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