Customer Testimonials

I do not have any questions but I just want to say how impressed I am with the fast shipping and how wonderful my rain chains look. I had gutters/rain chains installed and my installer liked them so much he asked for your website to order some for his house. Thank you. 

Stephanie Rodriguez

A friend of mine first introduced to me the idea of buying a rain chain. It intrigued me the way she explained it to me and decided to check them out online at the rain chains website. I was amazed at the many different styles they had. After some consideration I finally decided to purchase one and picked the hammered cup with ring. I thought it looked beautiful in the images but when I saw it in person, it looked even lovelier. I live in Washington State so I was excited to have it installed. I have to say my rainy days are not the same anymore. I look forward to our rainy days as it is so intriguing to watch it in action. The performance is great and does an excellent job of handling the rain fall. Thumbs up!!
Clint Arroyo

Buying a rain chain is truly an investment.I have been looking for something to add to my front yard as a way to make a statement. I didn't want to over-spend and go over my budget. I decided to put a rain chain together with a basin to get a system going and achieve a more complete look. The rain chain was quite easy to hang up and in less than 10 minutes, I had what I was looking for. The only thing needed was additional foliage around the basin to make it look like it's a part of the natural environment. It now looks like it's a part of the homes foundation. It's not a decorative item that you put away after a few seasons; its here to stay for the long haul. I just love how it looks!

Catherine Wood- (Portland, Oregon)

Thank you for an awesome product and great service! I never knew rain chains existed until I was looking through a garden magazine(if we are mentioned in a magazine or have our ads appearing in a magazine then mention the name of the publication or else it will seem fake). They featured a rain chain that was hanging from a back porch and into a small pond like receptacle built into the ground. I was immediately drawn to it and decided to Google it up. I was shocked to see so many out there in the marketplace. After browsing for a while I found one that really got my attention. I zeroed in on the Tara rain chain. There was something mesmerizing about the style of cup and how it comes together nicely with the swirl links. It's like a work of art all on its own but even better because it does its job nicely and doesn't just serve as eye candy. I decided to build a ground receptacle like the one I saw in the magazine with pebbles inside as part of the landscaping. So far, it's coming along quite well. Thanks again for an excellent product. I will definitely recommend your website. It's easy to navigate and the selection is great!

Damien Stephens

I was really impressed with my new rain chain. From the details down to the quality of the product, it's really a beautiful product. There so many interesting designs that I found attractive but I easily settled with the butterfly cup rain chain. I just really love the details of the design.. I got so excited when I saw it and new I had to get it. I love butterflies and have a collection of butterfly decor in my yard that I have been collecting over the years. I thought I had seen it all until I came across your website I'm just hoping it rains soon so I could watch it in action from outside my living. room area. I've seen how they look together with the basins and I'm thinking I'll add a basin to it. It just gives it that nice complete look to it that's appealing to me. Thank you Rain chains world for making my day even better. I love my butterfly rain chain and hope to see more butterfly inspired themes in your website in the future.

Michaela Flores

Great deal by rebecca Aug 13, 2009 fast shipping, excellent product, would buy again. my wife will love it.


Beautiful rain chain by rosle Jul 31, 2009 delivered item exactly as described and delivered quickly. I definitley recommend this seller.