Wind chimes aka wind art are beautiful decorative ornaments for the home that produce a delightful melodious effect. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Rome, and today they continue to emerge and take up special prominence in the home throughout the world. Copper wind chimes are exceptional in design and style. Unlike standard tubes or rods that characterize traditional wind chimes, our wind chime designs are arranged in a way that adds a graceful poise to your courtyard or outdoor setting while maintaining its melodious charm. Wind chimes collaborate in a unique way with natures wind element to produce a visual and audio effect which is pleasing to the senses.

Wind Chimes have long been considered as an expression of Asian culture as well. In Ancient Asia, wind chimes were suspended around pagodas to combat evil spirits. Their influence then extended to include corner roofs of temples, homes and large palaces. With many parts of Asia utilizing wind chimes as a way to bring luck to their home, wind chimes are also utilized in the art of Feng Shui as a way to bring harmony and balance in everyday living space.

Our wind art collection gives your outdoor space the finest touch of decorative elegance, a captivating backdrop and soothing sounds to enjoy year round. With three distinct styles to choose from all drawing influence from nature’s simplicity and our selection of rain chains, each creates a serene and luminous charm as the forces of nature collaborate with each one to bring you an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the gentle melodious sound as wind harnesses the wind chime and creates a pleasing melodious rhythm which adds to the tranquility.

Copper Wind Chimes

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Brass Tinkling Leaves Wind Chime

Pure Brass Tinkling Leaves Wind Chime 42" * 24" An arrangement of lustrous and emb...

$199.95 $99.50 Your saving:$100.45 (50.24%)

Copper Cascading Leaves Wind Chime

Pure Copper Cascading Leaves Wind Chime 42" * 24" Refreshing in artistic design, stimul...

$199.95 $99.50 Your saving:$100.45 (50.24%)

Copper Cascading Butterflies Wind Chime

Pure Cascading Butterflies Wind Chime 42" *24" Absorb more of the beauty and splen...

$199.95 $99.50 Your saving:$100.45 (50.24%)