Brass Tinkling Leaves Wind Chime

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Pure Brass Tinkling Leaves Wind Chime 42" * 24"

An arrangement of lustrous and embossed brass leaves draping flowingly and freely creates an impressive vision and stimulating sounds when perched in your outdoor setting, absorbing the gentle breeze of nature’s wind elements. 

Made exclusively of brass, the detailed etching of each leaf enhances its beauty and charm, making it a perfect choice for appealing to both contemporary and custom homes. 

Wind Chime measures 42’x 24’ and comes assembled and ready to display with a  bold black metal chain hanger. 

The natural beauty of the brass will mature over time, acquiring a beautiful patina finish.

Technical Specification:
* Part number / Item number: 130005

* UPC : 633402130053

* What is included:
 - 32 lengths of Brass leaves
 - 1 Hanging Rods Black Powder Coated  24" Wide and 2/8" Thickness
 - Hanging Chain Black Powder Coated in MS

* Specification of Brass Leaves
 - Size:  H 2" * W 1"
 - Material : Brass

* Specification of Hanging Rod
- 1 Rod  - both ends with round balls
- Length of Rod - 24"
- Thickness of Rod 2/8" 
- Finish Black Powder Coated
- Material : MS

* Specification of Chain
- Finish Black Powder Coated
- Material : MS

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