Introduction to RainChainsWorld:   We are a premier distributor of pure copper and aluminum rain chains for your home or business.  These artistically inspired cup and link styles have become a preferred option in lieu of unattractive downspouts as their decorative value provides an instant and easy to install outdoor upgrade for homeowners.  They create a style statement in an unexpected place and transform an outdoor space into a beautiful one.  This old cliché applies – a thing of beauty is a joy forever!! They add a style accent to any area and people identify with the design, function ease and beauty of these copper downspouts as a way to further enhance and embellish the home.


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To offer you some background – these are historically a Japanese concept discovered several hundred years ago and are a decorative alternative to traditional gutter downspouts.  They provide a visual and delightful view of rain water flowing from the gutter through the cup/link ensemble to the ground or into a container for further reuse.

Rain chains have become a preferred option in lieu of unattractive downspouts as their decorative value provides an instant and easy to install outdoor upgrade for homeowners.  They create a style statement in an unexpected place and transform an outdoor space into a beautiful one.  

Their history : As mentioned earlier the history of rainchains can be traced back to a few hundred years ago where they were used to guide and transport rain water from temple rooftops to ground level.  The rain water was stored in large barrels and underground containers for further reuse.  The concept helps raise awareness to conserve and prevent wastage of rain water.  Resources are scarce and intelligent minds are working towards fast spreading awareness in the world to conserve water worldwide.  With a little bit of contribution from every individual we can make a positive impact towards improving the environment and making the world a better place to live in.

RainChainsWorld encourages the use of copper versus unattractive man made plastic downspouts.  Check out the many advantages of purchasing from us.

  •                 Reduce the carbon footprint of your home.
  •                 Our chains are made of heavy gauge copper vs. copper plating sold by a few other websites.
  •                 Our chains are 8.5 ft. in length which is inclusive of the gutter clip used for installation.
  •                 Higher number of cups to transport rain water efficiently.
  •                 Same day shipping – orders need to be placed by 1 pm PST.
  •                 Great value for money – low prices always.  Check out our seasonal specials !!!

Our copper gutter downspouts  are constructed with the highest grade of pure, natural heavy gauge copper and copper is 100% recyclable.  Over a period of time oxidation occurs and the surface of the chain develops a breathtakingly lovely patina which enhances its appeal.  These copper downspouts pose no threat to the environment and contain no toxins.
Our Collection: We have a spectacular selection of 45 cup and link styles rain chains which are professionally crafted and have been tested for efficiency.   They contribute significantly to the curb appeal of your home once installed.  Our 2015 new additions have been well received and we continue to add interesting finishes and these in turn add to the architectural accent of your home.  Check out the beautiful green patina finish on our pure copper hammer cup, lotus cup and tulip cup rain chain.  Along with the 15” copper patina anchoring basin they add a bold and profound accent to your home.
The rain chain mosaic is interesting as  it is spectacular and cup sizes range from Medium, Large, X-large as well as stylish artistic link styles.  We offer 3 ft. extensions in 8 select styles in case a longer length than the standard 8 ft. length is required.
The Aluminium styles have generated a new interest for builders and home owners whose taste veers towards contemporary.  We have added on earthy powder coated hues to accommodate their need and the curated collection of powder coated aluminium rain chains in pewter, musket brown, beaver brown, black and of course the staple aluminium finish are here to stay.
With rainchains fast gaining popularity architects, gutter installers and builders are steering their clients toward using these flora inspired cup and link styles in their home or place of business.  Our products have made their global presence in homes throughout the world and add beauty and functionality wherever they are installed.  Hotels are building niche areas where they create a calm, peaceful environment with water, trees and these lovely artistically crafted cup and link style lengths.  In today’s high pressure world these little retreats are a haven for their guest seeking a sense of tranquillity.
Installation suggestions: We recommend installation be done with our 3 pc. Gutter adaptor kit ™ which provides a seamless installation and is available in pure copper and pure aluminium, natural aluminium and black powder coated aluminium.  These may sway in inclement weather conditions, so do check out our new introduction of the rain chain anchoring stake which is available in 2 finishes.
Some Facts Please be advised there will always be some splashing associated with rainchains.  Most of our cup styles have a wide mouth to efficiently capture rain water and it is transported through a narrow aperture to the next cup and so on till it reaches the bottom cup or last link.

Customer Service;  Call us with any questions, concerns or queries you may have.  We are available to answer your calls and can be reached at 909-606-2880 from 8 am through 2.30 pm PST.  We can also be reached via email at

We welcome trade enquiries and ship internationally using the most inexpensive option to make rainchains available to people seeking them. Please refer to our shipping policy for more details.