Rain Chains World is continuously working to update our line of exceptionally crafted aluminum rain chains. Our growing selection of aluminum rain chains, available in assorted powder coating finishes as well as natural mill finish, are visibly attractive as they are functional. The spectrum of aluminum hues range from natural silver to dark masculine shades such as pewter bronze and flat black. Our softer brown earth tones fall in between the broad color spectrum. 

Be sure to take a look at our new introduction of the Aluminum Hammered Cup in Mill Finish. It is a fresh approach to the popular Hammered Cup Style, possessing a silver hue that offers a modern look. While quality and design is never compromised, aluminum rain chains do have distinct features that are visibly impressive:

  • - Aluminum chains are lighter in weight compared to copper rain chains. Their lighter mass makes them an ideal choice for climates with light to moderate rainfall. Their lighter mass also makes it safer to extend the length to satisfy longer length requirements.
  • Unlike pure copper, aluminum does not patina
  • Silver hue aluminum chains/ mill finish aluminum chains such as the Teardrop and Hammered Cup are not chemically treated. They gleam in natural light that add an artistic and modern highlight to the home.
  • Cup styles capture and contain more rain fall versus open styles such as the link style rain chains.
  • All rain chains will have some splashing. Please consider the amount of rain fall total in your area and gutter size before installing a rain chain.
  • Be sure to check out our dark brown hammered mild steel basin as you consider options to compliment your aluminum chains and our aluminum gutter adaptor.

Aluminum rain chains offer homes an exceptional design quality. They offer homeowners an alternative to copper and more color options to synchronize with the homes contemporary exterior and design. The aluminum selection offered at Rain Chains World come in four distinct styles:

  • Teardrop Link gutter chain in natural mill finish
  • Hammered cup rain chain in 4 Powder Coated Color Options:
    • Musket Brown
    • Beaver Brown
    • Pewter Bronze
    • Flat Black
    • Natural Mill Finish (Silver) Non-Powder Coated
  • Black Multi-Cube rain chain
  • ​Black Ring rain chain.

The natural aluminum mill finish is available in both the teardrop and hammered cup style. It is a contemporary style link chain with a refined form that creates a striking visual. The hammered cup style is taken from our top performing counterpart -the copper hammered cup rain chain. 
Our Multi-Cube rain chain is a modern adaptation of a cup style, pairing geometrical cubes with a flat black powder coated finish. 
The Ring rain chain is finished in a flat black powder coating, offering the same striking visual appeal and quality as the popular copper ring rain chain but with a modern approach.

Please follow our installation guidelines included with each rain chain and on our website.  We highly recommend installation be done with our 3 pc. Gutter installation kit for a secure, seamless installation.

Aluminum Chains

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Aluminum Hammered Cup Rain Chain - Mill Finish 8.5 ft

Our line of aluminum rain chains has been consistently progressing to conform to the ever ...

$159.99 $89.50 Your saving:$70.49 (44.06%)

Aluminum Ring Rain Chain 8.5 ft. with Matte Black Powder Coating

The copper double ring rain chain takes on a new adaptation/look as the aluminum black pow...

$159.99 $79.50 Your saving:$80.49 (50.31%)

Aluminum Tear Drop Rain Chain - 8.5 ft ©

* Rain Chains World new introduction of the Aluminum Tear Drop Rain Chain is mesmerizing a...

$159.99 $79.50 Your saving:$80.49 (50.31%)

Aluminum Hammered Cup Rain Chain- Beaver Brown

As part of our continuation of expanding our ever popular Hammered Cup rain chain in a var...

$159.99 $79.50 Your saving:$80.49 (50.31%)

Aluminum Hammered Cup with Ring Rain Chain- Musket Brown

A favorite and highly esteemed style undergoes a more advanced and sophisticated transform...

$159.99 $79.50 Your saving:$80.49 (50.31%)

Aluminum Rain Chain - Hammered Style - Flat Black - 8.5 ft ©

Aluminum Rain Chain with a hammered cup style with a Flat Black Powder Coat: Artistic and ...

$159.99 $79.50 Your saving:$80.49 (50.31%)

Aluminum Rain Chain - Cube Style Flat Black - 8.5 ft

This Aluminum rain chain is stylish and elegant in shape and design. The cube pair is in h...

$159.99 $79.50 Your saving:$80.49 (50.31%)

Aluminum Hammered Cup Rain Chain with Rings in Pewter Bronze Powder coated

The latest introductions of aluminum hammered cup styles takes a more striking and excitin...

$159.99 $79.50 Your saving:$80.49 (50.31%)