Hammered Cup Copper Rain Chain in Green Patina Finish 8.5 ft

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* Our ever popular hand hammered cup rain chain with rings is now available in a charming rustic finish green patina finish.

* The green patina coat is applied over a pure copper base that enhances exteriors especially those that have preserved a rustic inspired home/garden.

* The beautiful patina finish balances and serves as a lovely counterpart to romantic landscapes with lush gardens and grounds adding a touch of whimsy to the home.

* The rain chain is made of pure copper and possesses an overall hand hammered feature which has made the hammered cup rain chain a winner among the online world of rain chains.

* Keep in mind there is some splashing associated with rain chains.                         

  • Made of pure copper
  • Finished with a green patina color coating
  • Total length extends 8 feet
  • Includes 5 inch gutter installation clip

Measurements and Specifications: 

  • Total length: 8.5 feet including 5 inch triangular clip
  • Cup size: Large
  • Cup measurements: 3.5 inch(length), 3.5 inch(width), 2.5 inch (height) 
  • Bottom opening: 1 inch diameter
  • Material: Pure copper
  • Finish: Green Patina

Materials Included:

  • 8 foot rain chain
  • 5 inch gutter clip for installation
  • Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions: Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

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