Kioshi Pure Copper Rain Chain - 8.5 ft

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* The Kioshi copper rain chain is a new introduction that possesses a Japanese charm and finesse characteristic of the dish like perimeter of the cups and long link sequence of the chain.

* The Kioshi is not your typical rain chain - it strikes a unique balance between the length of the long sequence of uniquely curved links and number of cups. * It offers a more visual demonstration as the cups are reduced in height and are wider in perimeter as well as a longer length of links in between giving you a visually enhanced experience of watching the rain fall travel down the length of the chain.

* Rain chains are also associated with some splashing which is a normal occurrence and determined by amount of rain fall and intensity of rain fall in your area.

·         Made of pure copper

·         Total length extends 8.5 feet including gutter installation clip

·         Will develop a lovely rustic patina on the surface over time

Measurements and Specifications:

  • ·         Cup Size: Large
  • ·         Cup measurements: 4.6 inches (diameter), 2 inches (height)
  • ·         Bottom opening: 1.2 inches diameter
  • ·         Total cups: 5
  • ·         Links: 5 sets of 8 consecutive links


Materials Included:

  • ·         8 foot rain chain
  • ·         5 inch gutter clip for installation
  • ·         4 bottom links
  • ·         Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions:  Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

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