Aluminum Gutter Reducer Adaptor

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Aluminum Gutter Reducer Adaptor for Aluminum Rain Chain

Aluminum Gutter Reducer Adaptor ©; an elegant and contemporary taper tube shape design with oval collar to fit all types of gutters, comes equipped with brass hardware for easy installation and maintenance of rain chain.

What is included:
1. Aluminum gutter reducer / adaptor : 1 piece
2. Hardware (Nuts and Bolt)
- a. Special brass bolt : 1 piece
- b. Brass dome nuts : 2 pieces

Handcrafted out of unmatched thick gauge aluminum sheet our gutter reducer (adaptor) is “an innovative and unique device to securely hang your rain chain from gutter;” and offer much more then classical or conventional gutter adaptors or gutter clips.

* Tube design with wider mouth that taper down to facilitate a smooth flow of water from gutter into rain chain.
* Oval collar to fit all types of gutters.
* Hardware (Nut and Bolt): Each gutter reducer (adaptor) comes with hardware set that contains a special brass bolt with a grove in center to guide the rain chain and with removable fancy dome nuts on both ends that make it really easy to un-install or take off rain chain for cleaning etc.
* Easy to install design that sits in the rain gutter drain hole and provides a perfect assembly between the gutter and rain chain with minimal splashing.

Item # : 255034ALU
UPC : 633402125349

Aluminum gutter reducer / adaptor;
- Length x Width x Height : 5.25 (inches) x 4.25 (inches) x 3 (inches)
- Sheet thickness : 15 gauge

Over all specification;
- Length x Width x Height : 5.25 (inches) x 4.25 (inches) x 3 (inches)
- Top opening : Ø 2.5 (inches)
- Bottom opening : Ø 2 (inches)
- Material : Aluminum
- Finish : Natural aluminum
- Hardware : Special brass bolt and dome nuts

Installation Instructions:  Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions

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