Rain Chain Anchoring Stake - Black

Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
Product Code: 15005
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Black powder coated 12” heavy duty swirled Iron rain chain anchoring stake ending connected to a 12” stainless steel link chain to hook on to your rain chain and provide anchoring.

The Swirly Iron 12” stake has a  pointed end to drive into the ground for easily anchoring a rain chain.

2 thick stainless steel loops connected to  the end of stake .

Flat surface on top end of stake to make hammering down easy.

Stainless steel 12” interconnected links end with a large single big link to connect to the last cup or link of rain chain.

A perfect anchoring feature is provided with this black powder coated 12” swirly rain chain stake if needed.  Thepointed end of the swirly stake is easy to push down into a pot or soil or wherever you decide.

Anchoring a rain chain adds a distinctive accent to the length of a rain chain and prevents it from swaying  during moderate windy weather.

Do ensure the rain chain length is adequate and the addition of the chain links of the anchoring stake do not cause the rain chain to stretch.

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