Rain Chain Anchoring Stake - Dark Brown

Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
Product Code: 15006
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Dark brown Powder coated  12” heavy duty Iron rain chain anchoring stake with a swirled  rod to safely anchor the rain chain ending in 12” long copper link length to anchor onto your rain chain.

  • Easy to drive pointed end into the ground for anchoring a rain chain.
  • Flat top surface easy to hammer down.
  • 2 thick copper hoops connect to end of stake followed by 12” interconnected rectangular copper links ending with thick round 1.25” copper ring to firmly  link to the rain chain.

Our rain chain anchoring stake assists with firmly anchoring the rain chain if needed.  The swirly stake can be hammered down into the soil or bed rock with a hammer.

Anchoring prevents the to and fro swaying movement of a rain chain on windy days.

The copper links oxidize over a period of time and develop a lovely patina on the surface.

The chain link should not be overly stretched because excessive pressure on this could cause damage to the rain chain.

It is important to ensure you have the right length of rain chain for your home.

The Brown powder coated stake assembly is a perfect addition to a rain chain and creates a lovely feature.

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