Pure Copper Half Round Gutter Adaptor with Debris Blocker 2 Piece

Brand: Monarch Rain Chains
Product Code: 16007
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We recommend all rain chain installations be done with our gutter adaptor kits.  Either the standard gutter adaptor kit or the half round gutter adaptor kit.  The latter is used in larger, custom made Mediterranean or European style homes.

Installation is simple – just drop the inverted top hat shaped gutter adaptor into the outlet hole and gently fold the curved edges with your hands to closely mold the area.  The rain chain can now be easily hung from the brass bolt.   In case you are using the gutter adaptor along with a ring style rain chain remove the cross bar and hang the rain chain directly with the brass bolt.

For installation of a rain chain which comes with a triangular clip (the cup style rain chains) use the wire of the clip for hanging the rain chain from the brass bolt.

You can complete the installation by dropping  the 4 hole debris blocker into the gutter adaptor hole.  This debris blocker effectively  captures the large leaves and debris and prevents blockage. 

Copper lasts a lifetime and over time acquires a beautiful patina which enhances its appeal.

All our products include detailed installation instructions along with illustrations.

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