Order  rain chain bundle deals and take advantage of HUGE Savings of 60% and more with the purchase of a rain chain, basin, rain chain extension and gutter adaptor.  Select one of the bundle deals from our variety of options or customize your bundle by calling us at 909-606-2655 to place an order.

Take advantage of our $10 discount on bundles of $180.00 and more in addition to the discounted price listed and FREE SHIPPING.  It could not get any better than that !

Rain Chain bundles are our #1 Seller especially the pure copper assortment which gives you, our customer GREAT VALUE in addition to adding a look of distinction and style to your home.

Pick a rain chain bundle most suitable for your area depending upon the amount of rain fall and style of home.  The medium cup, large cup or link rain chain bundles consist of :

  •                 Standard length rain chain 8.5 ft. inclusive of copper triangular clip
  •                 3 ft. rain chain extension
  •                 Copper hammered basin or mild steel hammered basin
  •                 Gutter adaptor with bolt for a seamless installation ©

The assembly and installation is simple and can be done with a pair of pliers but the end result is the creation of a spectacular water feature which will enhance the value of your home.

Our customer service staff will answer all your questions, so do call and place the order to upgrade your downspouts and add a distinct decorative accent to your home.

This discount cannot be combined with any other offer and is available for a LIMITED TIME only.>

Bundle Deals

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Copper Lotus Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

***** SUPER SAVER – BUNDLE DEALS  ***** Pure Copper Lotus Rain Chain Bundle Deal ...

$555.99 $239.50 Your saving:$316.49 (56.92%)

Copper Umbrella Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

***** SUPER SAVER – BUNDLE DEALS  ***** Pure Copper Umbrella Rain Chain Bundle Deal ...

$549.99 $229.99 Your saving:$320.00 (58.18%)

Copper Hammer Rain Chain 4 Pcs Bundle

***** SUPER SAVER – BUNDLE DEALS  ***** Rain Chains World * Super Saver Bundle Dea...

$555.99 $244.99 Your saving:$311.00 (55.94%)


The Cascading leaves rain chain is a one of a kind rain chain, detailing charming cut-out ...

$585.99 $249.99 Your saving:$336.00 (57.34%)