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The origin of rain chains: The origin of rain chains can be traced back several hundred years to Japan where they were used to transport rain water from temple roof tops to ground level. The rain water was stored in large barrels and underground containers for further reuse. The Japanese should be applauded for working towards finding a solution for preventing wastage of water. Flash forward to the present time and the growing awareness worldwide to the acute shortage of water. With a little bit of contribution from every individual we can make a positive impact towards the environment.


A pure copper rain chain is a step forward towards supporting the green movement where you can replace your unattractive man made plastic downspouts with pure copper, stylish rain chains. We encourage people to use recycled copper, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of your home. Our rain chains are constructed with the highest grade of pure, untreated copper. Over a period of time oxidation occurs and the surface of the rain chain develops a breathtakingly lovely patina, which enhances its appeal. Our copper downspouts pose no threat to the environment and contain no toxins.


Our collection: Rain chains world has a stellar collection of 38 stylish rain chains which are professionally crafted;


Available in cup sizes ranging from medium, large, and X-large as well as link style rain chains. Our link designs range from simple link arrangements to artistically inspired designs such as the teardrop shape which have mass appeal. The heavy duty diamond link style was made with the modern consumer with contemporary taste. Our 2014 introduction of the pure copper cascading leaves rain chain has quickly inched its way in becoming a top seller.


 Extensions : In addition to our rain chain collection, we also carry 8 styles of copper rain chain extensions which are 3 feet in length.


Rain chain bundle Deals : Great value for your money with our rain chain bundle sets to give your rain chain and landscape a complete look. Priced exceptionally low to ensure our customers get great value- our bundle deals pass off great savings to you! Check out our 4 pc bundle deals where you can obtain an 8.5 ft. rain chain together with a 3 ft. extension, gutter adaptor and a basin. Our team prides themselves in delivering the best experience to their customer. Pick a style suitable for your home architecture and based on the amount of rain fall pattern you have seen. In areas of light to moderate rain fall we recommend the medium cup rain chain. However in areas of heavy rain fall we strongly suggest the large to x-large cup styles to avoid heavy splashing. . Gravity helps rain water travel down the 8.5 ft. length rain chain and since a lot of thought has been given to storage of rain water there are multiple ways this can be done now.


Rain chains world is always working on new introductions for our discerning clients and at this time we have 38 styles of cup and link style with a few in the pipeline being tested as new introductions. We are currently working on the launch of new color coated rain chains that will be available in soft earthy tones. Please check back regularly on our website to view our updated collections as well as promotions. We always advise our customers there will be some splashing associated with rain chains. Most of our cup styles have a wide mouth to efficiently capture rain water and it is transported by the narrow aperture to the next cup and so on till it reaches the bottom cup of last link of the rain chain.


With rain chains fast gaining popularity architects, gutter installers are directing and steering their clients towards using these flora inspired rain chains in their home or place of business. Our rain chains have made their global presence in homes throughout the world and add beauty and functionality to a home, spa, place of business etc. Hotels are building niche areas where they create a calm peaceful environment with water, tress and rain chains. In today’s troubled, high pressure world these little retreats are a haven for guests seeking a sense of calmness.


We welcome enquires from the trade, and ship internationally using the most inexpensive option to make these available to people seeking them.

The last few years we have received enquiries from boutique hotels and spas and the numbers are constantly increasing.