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Rain Chains have endured and evolved in shape and form since they were first introduced in Japan hundreds of years ago. They were used to transport rain water from temple roof tops to ground level and stored in large barrels and containers for further reuse. In today’s world it is smart to be water wise and make good decisions to support the environment. Take a look at our assorted line of styles consisting of medium, large, and X-large cup styles as well as a selection of link styles that accommodate the tastes of our expanding list of clients. Pick a style most suitable to the architecture of your home and amount of rainfall in your area. Link styles allow for a pure visual pleasure where the movement of running water can be seen and heard as it moves rhythmically down the length of the chain, creating a sense of harmony which lends itself to your home environment.

We draw inspiration from nature's flora and the beautiful detailed etching and embellishing on each cup profiles assorted floral shapes which appeal to most of our clients. For those whose tastes veer towards contemporary styling we have a vast selection ranging from the pure copper bell cup to the heirloom cup and the tara cup style. These are very popular amongst the avantgarde who do not adhere to traditional concepts but are happy to experiment . Our popular medium cup styles like the tulip and sundrop, lend themselves to all home types and are ranked in our top sellers along with our ever popular hammer cup which showcases the beauty and elegance of the hammered impression on each cup.

We support  the green movement and encourage the use of recycled copper, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of your home. Our alternative to gutter downspouts are constructed with the highest grade of pure, untreated copper so they develop a lovely patina on the surface over time which enhances the their beauty. All of our copper downspouts pose no threats to the environment and contain no toxins.

We now have over 37 styles to make your downspout attractive, with new styles constantly being tested for handling rain fall with minimal splashing. There will always be some splashing, but this adds to the beauty of a copper rain chain. Most of our cup styles have a wide mouth to efficiently capture water and narrow down to a smaller aperture from where it is expelled to another cup.

At Rain Chains World we offer special deals for the trade in addition to our already low prices. Discounts are in place for gutter installation specialists. If you are a retailer or installer interested in receiving a bulk discount on any of our products, send us an email at sales@rainchainsworld.com to receive a prompt response. Or simply use coupon code Trade-50. We welcome enquiries from architects and landscapers. Our rain chains have found homes across the world and add beauty and functionality in professional spas, hotels and properties which aim to offer a unique look.

Make sure to check out our bundle deals for great savings on our 4 piece bundle deals where you can purchase a standard length pure copper rain chain along with a 3 ft. extension and in addition to this you also get a copper anchoring basin and a gutter adaptor, a complete gutter downspout ensemble to outfit your home. Check out the spectacular savings on some of the most sought out top selling rain chains. The bundle deals allow you to have a more systematic and complete assembly of rain chain accessories that offer more utility and use of your rain chain. All 8 bundles are stylish and classy and transport rain water efficiently with minimal splashing and lend themselves to any style home. Be sure to click on the bundle deals link to get a full view of all of our range and see which style of rain chain meets your taste and needs.